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Multi-channels all purposes analyzer


Charge and Reconditioning Number of Channels 5
Constant Current Mode(CC) Charge Current Range 0.01~4.99A
Discharge Current Range 0.01~4.99A
Current Resolution 5mA
Current Accuracy ±(1%+20mA)
Maximum Valtage Load 17.99V
Constant Voltage Mode(CV) Voltage Output Range 0.01~17.99V
Voltage Resolution 5mV
Voltage Accuracy ±(0.5%+10mV)
Maximum Current 4.99A
Capacity Capacity Measuring Range 0~9999mAH
Capacity Accuracy ±(1%+20mAH)
SMBUS Support(SMR) Read Paramenters Cycle Count,FCC,RSOC,
Voltage,Celll Voltages
Control Commands Charge Enable/Discharge Enable
Compatibility SMB 1.0 and 1.1
Timer Control Fully Chg/Dischg max.time 4 hours
Cond. Learning max. time 7 hours
Storage max time 2 hours
Waken max time 1 hour
Laptop Battery Compatibility Battery Voltage: 7.2~14.8V
Battery Capacity: 1000~8800 mAH
LCD Display Display Words: 16*2
Others Input: 100~240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Output: 8.4/12.6/16.8 VDC
5A Max.
Max. Power Consumption: 450W
Working Ambient Temperature: 0°C~45°C
Dimensions(H*W*D): 140*420*360 mm
(5.5*16.5*14.2 in)
Net Weight(Approximate): 11kg(24 lbs)