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Professional Laptop Battery Analyzer


  • Dual Channels configurations for complete Notebook PC Battery Packs (Li-Ion, Li-Polymer & NiMH) Testing:
    • Channel 1: Electric Characteristics Testing:
      • Open Circuit Voltage (OCV)
      • Normal Charge Voltage (NCV)
      • Normal Discharge Voltage (NDV)
      • Over Discharge Current Protection (OCP)
      • AC Impedance (ACR)
      • Thermo Resistance (THR)
      • SMBus Register Parameters Comparison (SMR)
    • Channel 2: Battery Capacity Testing:
      • Fast Capacity Cycle
      • Complete Learning Cycle
  • Complete Isolated Channels for separated tests on each channel at the same time
  • Auto-adjust Circuit to ensure accurate and stable Voltage & Current output
  • "Fast & Easy" Test Parameters Set Up is designed especially for Non-Technical users
  • Build-in memory which can store up to 100 Test Results (each channels) for quick review
  • Build-In Thermal Printer for instant Result Print Out with a touch of button (Optional)
  • Instant Result Print Out with a touch of button (Optional)
  • Software Function provides:
    • Detail Test Parameters Set Up, up to 9,999 Test Procedures to be set according to different Brands of Battery Products
    • Records full test result data for future analysis and statistic reporting
    • Trend data recording for Battery Capacity Testing
  • Self-Protection Features to ensure safety during the test:
    • Connection Error Auto-Detection to prevent further test proceed when error is found
    • Build-in Over and Under Current/Voltage protection to prevent accident due to faulty batteries or connection errors
    • Double Watchdog (S/W & H/W) Functions to prevent Circuit Break Down